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Meet Priscilla Martinez

July 15,2020

The Powerful Goddess Warrior 

My company designs and produces luxury statement accessories, I am the founder and creative director. I am very proud of our craftsmanship: I have managed to produce a luxurious bag, that is 100% artisanal, customizable, but most importantly, it is a sustainable, slow fashion brand.


House of Anouk

Nov, 11,2020

House of Anouk Founder Priscilla Martinez

I like to envision House of Anouk in a 3D way, something that I mold over time and that also adapts to my current inspiration. There are a lot of elements in my designs that are placed with intention, not because it’s on trend. For example, the snake brooch is a reflection of all of the cycles of life we encounter: death and rebirth, evolution, closing old chapters, reinventing ourselves. Everything in life is cyclic, we just have to pay close attention.

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